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Dressing Your Shop Displays

| March 31st, 2010 | Comments Off on Dressing Your Shop Displays

Creating a welcoming and inviting shop environment is great for getting customers through the door and keeping them but actually converting your customers and selling your products is what pays the bills and keeps the shop open. Having a logical layout and well-defined departments is instrumental in guiding your customers, but what else can you do? Create an aspiration display Actually taking your products out of their packaging and displaying them in a natural pose with other complimentary products is great for setting the scene and giving the customers how they could utilise the product, see it in it’s full glory and picture how it can make a difference to their lives. Take for example a kitchen or bathroom company, they don’t just line up all the toilets, the baths and the shower cubicles then let the customers wander around. The kitchen companies don’t just have rack after rack of

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New Range of Modern & Contemporary Shop Counters Launched

| March 23rd, 2010 | Comments Off on New Range of Modern & Contemporary Shop Counters Launched

Here at shopfitDIRECT we are always looking for attractive and cost effective shop fittings to add to our current range. Our latest addition is the fantastic range of Concept Shop Counters. Available in a selection of modern colours and wood finishes the Concept range is distinctive from it’s extra thick 30mm counter bodies and inset silver panel. The whole range is designed to bring a more modern feeling to your shop and is ideal for  more  fashion -orientated and style-based operations such as boutiques, hairdressers and photographers etc. The entire range is available Maple, Oak, Walnut, Beech, Ash and an attractive Dark Grey, all complemented by the distinctive silver panel. As well as choosing the colour you also have the option of doors and drawers as well as stem lighting and down lights on the display counters. A great checkout area can be achieved by incorporating an impulse shop counter

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Slatwall Panels with Free Delivery

| March 23rd, 2010 | Comments Off on Slatwall Panels with Free Delivery

Since we first started trading we have tried to be as efficient with our delivery charges as possible. We started off by charging a delivery cost based on quantity of slatwall panels and the post code area they were being delivered to.  We had nine post code groups and five brackets for slatwall quantity.  This meant we had 45 different delivery charges which would be calculated by some additional coding we had done for our website.  The prices varied from £35 to as much as £155. The benefit of this was each customer would only pay the exact delivery cost for their slatwall, no more, no less. The negative was that the pricing structure was so difficult to work out that customers would be shocked by the delivery charge or they would just leave and shop elsewhere. Slatwall Delivery – Revision 1 We took onboard how difficult the pricing structure

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