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Dressing Your Shop Displays

| March 31st, 2010 | Comments Off on Dressing Your Shop Displays

Creating a welcoming and inviting shop environment is great for getting customers through the door and keeping them but actually converting your customers and selling your products is what pays the bills and keeps the shop open. Having a logical layout and well-defined departments is instrumental in guiding your customers, but what else can you do? Create an aspiration display Actually taking your products out of their packaging and displaying them in a natural pose with other complimentary products is great for setting the scene and giving the customers how they could utilise the product, see it in it’s full glory and picture how it can make a difference to their lives. Take for example a kitchen or bathroom company, they don’t just line up all the toilets, the baths and the shower cubicles then let the customers wander around. The kitchen companies don’t just have rack after rack of

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