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Make your Retail Shop Fittings work for you

| February 18th, 2010 | Comments Off on Make your Retail Shop Fittings work for you

The most effective retail shop fittings are the ones which go unnoticed, working behind the scenes promoting your products without overshadowing or creating a distraction. Your shop fittings, while creating the desired look and feel within the retail arena should shy away from becoming the centre of attention themselves. Every single thing within your shop should be looked at to see what part it plays and whether it could be improved. Shop Signage Shop signage plays a massive part in directing customers around your unit and creating separate areas (Junior/Adult, Men/Women etc). A lack of signage can leave customers lost and wandering aimlessly before making a hasty retreat. Product Displays Display the product instead of storing the product. This is mostly prevalent during January sales and mainly within the fashion sector. A good clothing display should showcase the product while having a selection of colours and sizes close at hand.

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