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Dressing Your Shop Displays

| March 31st, 2010 | Comments Off on Dressing Your Shop Displays

Creating a welcoming and inviting shop environment is great for getting customers through the door and keeping them but actually converting your customers and selling your products is what pays the bills and keeps the shop open. Having a logical layout and well-defined departments is instrumental in guiding your customers, but what else can you do? Create an aspiration display Actually taking your products out of their packaging and displaying them in a natural pose with other complimentary products is great for setting the scene and giving the customers how they could utilise the product, see it in it’s full glory and picture how it can make a difference to their lives. Take for example a kitchen or bathroom company, they don’t just line up all the toilets, the baths and the shower cubicles then let the customers wander around. The kitchen companies don’t just have rack after rack of

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Slatwall Panels with Free Delivery

| March 23rd, 2010 | Comments Off on Slatwall Panels with Free Delivery

Since we first started trading we have tried to be as efficient with our delivery charges as possible. We started off by charging a delivery cost based on quantity of slatwall panels and the post code area they were being delivered to.  We had nine post code groups and five brackets for slatwall quantity.  This meant we had 45 different delivery charges which would be calculated by some additional coding we had done for our website.  The prices varied from £35 to as much as £155. The benefit of this was each customer would only pay the exact delivery cost for their slatwall, no more, no less. The negative was that the pricing structure was so difficult to work out that customers would be shocked by the delivery charge or they would just leave and shop elsewhere. Slatwall Delivery – Revision 1 We took onboard how difficult the pricing structure

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Make your Retail Shop Fittings work for you

| February 18th, 2010 | Comments Off on Make your Retail Shop Fittings work for you

The most effective retail shop fittings are the ones which go unnoticed, working behind the scenes promoting your products without overshadowing or creating a distraction. Your shop fittings, while creating the desired look and feel within the retail arena should shy away from becoming the centre of attention themselves. Every single thing within your shop should be looked at to see what part it plays and whether it could be improved. Shop Signage Shop signage plays a massive part in directing customers around your unit and creating separate areas (Junior/Adult, Men/Women etc). A lack of signage can leave customers lost and wandering aimlessly before making a hasty retreat. Product Displays Display the product instead of storing the product. This is mostly prevalent during January sales and mainly within the fashion sector. A good clothing display should showcase the product while having a selection of colours and sizes close at hand.

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Slat wall Gondola Units – An innovation in shop shelving

| February 18th, 2010 | Comments Off on Slat wall Gondola Units – An innovation in shop shelving

When opening new shop premises, unless you are backed by a large retail chain with proven shop layout and display systems , deciding on the layout of the shop can be a little hit or miss and prone to alteration movement during the initial months to see what works best in both welcoming customers, displaying products and also moving customers through your retail premises. While slatwall panels are fantastic for outer-perimeter wall- lining and displays some mid-floor shop fittings are too industrial looking, bulky and are difficult to manoeuvre when altering displays. It is fantastic then to reveal the benefits of slatted panel gondola units. Made from slatwall, with the same principle and mechanism as the traditional wall displays these complimentary  freestanding units, finished in the same colour as your existing slatwall, can be easily manoeuvred and accessorised to display whichever products you wish while also directing traffic through your

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Creating a Shop Window Display to attract Customers

| February 18th, 2010 | Comments Off on Creating a Shop Window Display to attract Customers

As a shop owner your windows are your first impression for your customers. They are the image you portray, a summary of the products you sell and a fantastic tool to entice new customers , from your selected demographic, into your shop and way from your competitors. All good shop displays should be based around  a theme. Whether this is a specific day e.g. Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a certain period of time such as Back to School, New Autumn Collection, New Year Sales etc. The window display will attract attention from your target market. While the phrase ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ is true, it most certain isn’t for retail outlets. The window should give a sneak peak of what is in-store for the customer and leave your target customer wanting to come inside and see more of the same. The window display, while

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Display Your Products to Best Effect

| November 12th, 2009 | Comments Off on Display Your Products to Best Effect

  Every shop needs to make the most of the available space and display their goods to maximum effect, and to do this you have to have a good selection of shop fittings. Having this would do so much for your shop and would give you and your customers loads of benefits. With the right shop fittings, you will encourage customers to come in your shop, have a look, and buy. How you set up your shop would definitely draw people to check out your shop. The way you design your shop would communicate to your customers what your shop is all about. Deciding on how you display and present your merchandise is essential.  It would help your customers to see what they want, and move about inside your shop with ease.  You should choose the right equipment and the right style in order to make it easier for your

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